Abandoned sanatorium, France.


Photographs of Comet Morehouse by F. Baldet & F. Quénisset, October 23, 1908 and November 27, 1908
"The day exhausts me, irritates me. It is brutal, noisy. I struggle to get out of bed, I dress wearily and, against my inclination, I go out. I find each step, each movement, each gesture, each word, each thought as tiring as if I were lifting a crushing weight."

Guy de Maupassant, Paris Tales (via larmoyante)


 A Reclining Female Figure, Edward Coley Burne Jones

Clementine Keith-Roach in Northamptonshire, UK by Tim Walker, 2010

William Lamb Picknell (American, 1854-1897), Eventide. Oil on canvas, 35 x 45 1/2 in.
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